The 3rd Shenzhen(CN) Independent Animation Biennale 第三届深圳独立动画双年展 Curator’s Statement IN.NO.SENSE is a made-up homonym for the word INNOCENCE, to thwart the confinement of language and its semantic limits. When ‘something does not make sense,’ the general interpretation would be there is no logic, it is unclear, or it’s useless. Could there be another interpretation? Like – it has not yet been fully understood or defined? With ambiguity and ambivalence, IN.NO.SENSE grouped 20 videos each in length of one minute. From altered angles, it explores the states in between nothingness and significance. Some representing the artists’ observation on trivial matters with wonderment, some show the processes of contemplation in the micro/macro world, and a few works come along with poetical commentary on the current human conditions – be it subtle, upright or allegorical. With or without intentions altogether the artists conceived an aimless wander in the realm of quiddity, in chaos and order, with an un-preconditioned liveliness. Names of the Artists (screening sequence): Xue Mu(CN/NL), Nicholas Brooks(UK), Marcia Gratton (US), Dan Walwin(GB/NL), Xi Guo(CN), Aaron McLaughlin, Fan Liao (CN), Stefano Keizers(NL),Hui Ye(CN/AT), Cheng Ran(CN), Loes Janssen (NL), Sophie Johns(NL), Shen Xin(CN/GB), Xu YiHua (CN), Frank Schubert (AT), Dominique Festa, Anja Cecilie Petersen (DK), Glenn Venghaus(NL), Fiepdelight van Tol (NL), Pieter van den Bosch (BE), Carole Cicciu (FR).